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we are now taking Party bookings
This is for 2 hours exclusive use of the centre. 

Choose your time


Weekend and school holidays

Breakfast Party:

9am - 11am


Weekend and school holidays 

Afternoon Party:

2:30pm  - 4:30pm for the DIY option

3:00pm - 5:00pm if choosing the catered option with decorations. 


Weekdays term time

After school parties:

You can choose any two hour slot after 3pm.

3.30pm - 5.30pm and 4pm - 6pm are our most popular times. 

Our party tables and benches can be used, or our picnic hampers and blankets for the unicorn meadow for any of the above times and options.

The maximum number of children is 30 and no more than 50 people in the building overall including adults and children. 


Choose your food

Our party food offering for breakfast parties:

A croissant, cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt and a carton of pure juice.

Alternatively you can choose to bring your own food. 


Our food offering for afternoon parties:

An individual lunchbox for each child containing a crustless sandwich, crisps, fresh fruit, a sweet treat and a fruit shoot. 

Alternately you can choose to bring your own food. 

Choose your location 

Weekdays £10 per child

Weekends £12 per child

Princess Unicorn Meadow Party

How about a picnic on the grass in our princess unicorn meadow? Enjoy hampers of freshly prepared picnic food while sat on blankets with friends.  Alternatively, choose our DIY option if you would like to supply your own food and decorations. 

This option is suitable for up to approximately 20 children.

Weekdays £6.50 per child

Weekends £8.00 per child

street party

Come and have a street party with us and make your child’s birthday one to remember! Tables and chairs line the main street, colourful bunting drapes across the roof tops, balloons scatter the street, and wholesome food fills their tummies.

Alternatively, choose our DIY option if you would like to supply your own food and decorations.

This option is available for a larger group of up to a maximum of 30 children. As the children eat within the play area itself tables are set out just before the children eat.

Image by Jessica Lewis

Weekdays £6.50 per child

Weekends £8.00 per child


Come and hang out with your friends at the coolest place in town! 

For up to 20 children. We can seat the children in the cafe area, this leaves the play area clear just for play. Children can eat half way through the party then go back in for more fun!

Party prices

Weekdays £100 (DIY option)

Weekends and School holidays £150 (DIY option)

if you would like to include party food and decorations simply

add £4.50 per child to the cost

 Decorations are only supplied if you choose the catered option.

Please contact us for more information and to book.